Diplomystus Dentatus (Fish Fossil) Tile – FF003


Dimensions:  H15.5 x W15 x D1.2CM

Finish: Natural

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Diplomystus Dentatus is an extinct genus of freshwater predator, that are distantly related to modern day herring and sardines. Diplomystus has a distinctive jaw that protrudes aggressively outward from the mouth at an angle that allowed it to feed in surface waters and devour its prey. Collected from the Green River Fossil Formation in Wyoming from an 18 inch layer of limestone. These like many fossils have been slightly enhanced so you can see the pattern and texture of the fossilised fish.

Approx Age: Eocene period approx 40-50 Million years

Location: The Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA

In this tile format these fish fossils are perfect for framing as decoration, as part of a collection, or within an interior design scheme.


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Weight 0.662 kg
Dimensions 15 × 1.2 × 15.5 cm